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We design, manufacture and install ductwork in public and private sector projects across the UK to a value of £1,500,000. You can see a selection of some of our recent projects here.

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Primark, White City

A large retail installation at Westfield London, a shopping centre in White City, London. The project had a vast amount of fire and smoke rated ductwork all of which is on show due to the modern design of the building. Therefore, every piece of ductwork had to be flawless and installed without any faults by our one of our skilled ductwork installation teams. Included in the requirements was large pieces of 2300x700 ductwork. Completed in under five months the project was efficient, professional and to a high standard as always..


World of Wedgewood Pottery

This was to replace existing damaged Spiralite which had been damaged due to adverse weather conditions. With a full site survey, we were able to design, draw in 3D and manufacture all replacement components needed for the project. As shown on the pictures below our ductwork was manufactured to DW144 specification before being clad with a weatherproofing coating by specialist after installation. New ductwork connections were installed onto existing risers within a dog kennel and we carried out disposal of old damaged ductwork. H-bracket support system was used to support the new ductwork utilising Unistrut supports above and below.


University College London, Advanced Centre for Biomechanical Engineering.

A new student centre was built adjoining the existing university building, new fire rated ductwork was routed up from a below ground plant room to serve the existing university campus. This consisted of multiple air handling units serving multiple areas, as the ductwork rose up past a public walkway it had to be fire rated and have smoke damper control to shut the systems in the event of a fire.


University of Warwick, Sports Hub

Similar to the vast majority of our projects it was designed by our engineers using CADmep and manufactured to a high standard by our experienced sheet metal workers. Due to the swimming pool in the building we also had a large amount of powered coated ductwork inside and outside which was installed to prevent corrosion from the chlorine laden air ensuring our ductwork will last in the less than ideal conditions. The photo shows a kitchen extract from the project’s ductwork with butyl tape between the flanges and bolt on cleats at 150 centres as per DW171 specification. Access doors were also included at three metre centres for the specialist cleaning company to maintain the cleanliness of the system.